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United States Master Sergeant Lee
Location: Saint Paul, United States
Steam: STEAM_0:1:96468733
Status: (Unknown)
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Karma: In good standing
Member of Clan: (None)
Real Name: (Not Specified)
E-mail Address: (Not Specified)
Home Page: (Not Specified)
Last Connect:* (Unknown)
Total Connection Time: 0d 00:23:57h
Average Ping:* -
Favorite Server:*
Favorite Map:*
Favorite Weapon:*

Statistics Summary

Activity: -1% -1%
Points: 1,020
Rank: Not active
Kills per Minute: 0.46
Kills per Death: 0.7333 (-*)
Headshots per Kill: 0.0000 (-*)
Shots per Kill: -
Weapon Accuracy: 0.0% (0%*)
Headshots: 0 (0*)
Kills: 11 (0*)
Deaths: 15 (0*)
Longest Kill Streak: 4
Longest Death Streak: 4
Suicides: 0
Teammate Kills: 0 (0*)

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Current rank: Recruit
22% Kills needed: 39 (22%)
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  Awards (hover over image to see name)

Connection Time 1 Week Gold AK-74 Gold AKM Gold AKS-74U Gold AN-M14 Gold AT4 Gold M1918 BAR Gold Bazooka Gold C4 Gold IED Gold F1 Frag Gold FAL Gold Gewehr 43 Gold Gewehr 43 Gold Galil Gold Galil SAR Gold GP-25 HE Gold GP-25 Smoke Gold Khukuri Gold K-98 Gold K-98 Gold Knife Gold L1A1 SLR Gold Luger P08 Gold M14 EBR Gold M16A4 Gold M18 Smoke Gold M1911 Gold M1919 Browning Gold M1 Carbine Gold M1 Carbine Gold M1 Garand Gold M203 HE Gold M203 Smoke Gold M249 Gold M40A1 Gold M45A1 Gold M4A1 Gold M590 Gold M67 Frag Gold M84 Flash Gold M9 Gold Makarov Gold MG 42 Gold AC-556 Gold Mk18 Gold Mk. II Gold MK48 Gold Model 10 Gold Molotov Gold Mosin Gold MP40 Gold MP5K Gold Flare Gun Gold Walther P38 Gold Panzerfaust Gold Walther PPK Gold RPG-7 Gold RPK Gold SKS Gold Smoke Gold Springfield 1903 Gold Sterling Gold StG 44 Gold Stielhandgranate Gold Thompson M1928A1 Gold TOZ Gold UMP-45
Global Awards


Rank Name Time Last Use sort-descending.gif Kills Deaths K:D Headshots HS:K Suicides Accuracy
1 Wardin 0d 02:03:34h 2018-10-31 19:17:02 147 168 0.88 60 0.41 0 29.4%
2 WardiN_ 0d 00:31:07h 2018-03-24 17:49:02 39 40 0.98 15 0.38 0 27.2%
3 Master Sergeant Lee 0d 00:23:57h 2017-03-06 22:14:56 11 15 0.73 0 0.00 0 0.0%

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