Number of completed runs: 195

Map tier: 1

All Recorded Map Times (Best to Worst)

Player name Best time
just moon it 00:15.937500
twitch.tv/silversmurf 00:15.996100
euphoria 00:16.171900
Pooship 00:16.218800
Kotrem 00:16.242200
itscain 00:16.359400
Jett 00:16.488299
RoboBitch 00:16.781199
Roboto ツ 00:16.816400
Potato 00:16.816400
Basset 00:16.839800
Bluu 00:16.863299
ACrazyGod 00:16.863299
Stonescribe 00:16.921900
☜Cicolini☞ 00:16.945299
Chicho 00:16.992200
Emiweee? 00:17.027300
snowy♡ 00:17.273399
depresso espresso 00:17.273399
meowut 00:17.355499
ThiefExe 00:17.390599
Atomsk 00:17.484400
JeezCS ツ 00:17.507799
Sage 00:17.507799
Doctor Lyfe 00:17.554700
Zenzys 愛 00:17.613299
♰︎Scrim♰ 00:17.964800
CÅD 00:18.058599
Black Power...Ranger 00:18.292999
Uniqxe^Legacy 00:18.328099
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