Map: surf_water-run_banjo_skill
Number of Players with Completed Runs: 28
Map Tier: Tier 1
Player Map Times (hours:minutes:seconds)
Biclops 00:36.281199
CrazyCritic 00:39.140599
Beck 00:40.933599
Taking virgin swat team 00:44.308599
The Zuccc 00:45.082000
CoD KiD 00:49.300800
Guac 00:49.910200
Gang Member 00:50.121099
Noot Noot 00:50.988300
Misty 00:52.171900
mystery_y 00:56.343800
Xeph0r 01:02.039099
kazm 01:16.628900
Vyy_Ubully_Me 01:33.867199
Patrick Star 01:50.566000
Thadise 02:00.433999
Triglycide 02:28.651999
Hella Washed. 02:52.991999
MrCarter 03:44.308999
CROFF 04:42.375000
Pook 04:55.663999
phox 05:07.148000
WAX 05:20.742000
Aztc.Bankzy 05:57.925999
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