Number of completed runs: 371

Map tier:

All Recorded Map Times (Best to Worst)

Player name Best time
Victor Oviedo 02:48.058999
lollll 02:48.621000
Chosen 02:49.020000
goob 02:49.159999
revengeofdagamer 02:49.395000
Stix 02:52.371000
Moshe 02:52.604999
tabula rasa 02:55.887000
dmush 02:56.062000
fuckdoku 02:58.137000
xDripzy 02:58.500000
bonkripper74 02:58.758000
sheen 03:02.168000
Saxvi 03:02.168000
wollipo 03:05.074000
Shoot Goon 03:05.647999
ttv.Electro_o 03:06.621000
lildickgirl666 03:07.558999
✪ SwayZ 03:08.026999
Dankey Konga Jr. 03:09.316000
Heimburger 03:11.941000
Halixs 03:15.866999
KeagerTheDeager 03:19.112999
Big Dong John 03:19.897999
ANON 03:20.836000
_NC_ 03:22.546999
The Book Keeper 03:23.555000
oof 03:25.090000
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