Number of completed runs: 371

Map tier:

All Recorded Map Times (Best to Worst)

Player name Best time
The Paranoia 01:48.305000
BigPete789 01:48.620999
Haggy 01:48.656000
Dankos 01:48.855000
Falkor 01:48.938000
Yikes` 01:49.090000
Cat. 01:49.137000
StealthyTigerTurtle 01:49.242000
Josh 01:49.722999
Durbano 01:50.039000
jacob 01:50.555000
Sage 01:51.000000
?? 01:51.198999
Jiggy $mooth 01:51.608999
ctDutch 01:52.347999
SnowWookie 01:52.710999
Jamie 01:52.733999
KΛΜΣRΔΝ 01:52.745999
dylanram 01:52.968999
Brad 01:53.237999
Step 01:53.789000
UwU 01:54.105000
iceegoo 01:54.105000
Lockejaw 01:54.960999
Phoua 01:54.983999
mymom1020 01:55.266000
Roja 01:55.581999
Void 01:55.688000
привет 01:55.840000
Eevee 01:56.391000
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