Number of completed runs: 477

Map tier: 1

All Recorded Map Times (Best to Worst)

Player name Best time
Biclops 00:20.894500
pine 00:21.363299
twitch.tv/silversmurf 00:21.726600
euphoria 00:21.914100
Flux ๑ﭥ 00:21.972699
Spirit 00:22.324200
I <3 LAG 00:22.511700
just moon it 00:22.675799
alex got the headhit on oompa l 00:22.734400
Sayt McSpots <3 00:23.109400
Kotrem 00:23.296900
Mr.Radical 00:23.343800
Tentics 00:23.437500
Jealous 00:23.460899
earth_ 00:23.683599
Chicho 00:23.753900
Bluu 00:23.882799
sksksksk 00:23.882799
Grizzly 00:24.117200
Basset 00:24.246099
Roboto ツ 00:24.257799
☜Cicolini☞ 00:24.410199
BillFukkinMurray 00:24.515599
Kip 00:24.527300
CrazyCritic 00:24.761700
Pooship 00:24.773399
Helen Keller(No Sound/No Screen 00:24.785199
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