Map: surf_mesa
Number of Players with Completed Runs: 1557
Map Tier: Tier 1
Player Map Times (hours:minutes:seconds)
THE_Kru 00:50.085900
Zari 00:50.097700
Joey ♡ 00:50.121099
Lars | chaz_ashley 00:50.156199
poss 00:50.238300
flamey 00:50.273400
Nicky 00:50.296900
phouj 00:50.308599
RyleeSigma 00:50.320300
MiZZy 00:50.332000
Fr0sTzz 00:50.343800
Noahy 00:50.343800
Kotton 00:50.378900
Massive Meat Pete 00:50.390599
ZanE 00:50.414099
^4Fish 00:50.425800
Messier63 00:50.542999
dbt 00:50.589799
A Flock of Bricks 00:50.718800
「§NG」 | §exy Stockquest 00:50.789099
Actually Sped 00:50.812500
Bluma 00:50.929699
Glob Master 00:50.941400
CoffeeMaker 00:50.953099
Pookachu 00:51.000000
Damage 00:51.011699
Blu 00:51.082000
pickle 00:51.105499
P E R F E C T 00:51.175800
Gang Member #BLM 00:51.257800
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85 Tick Servers - 150 Air Acceleration
Dynamic Ranking System - 30+ Rank Levels to achieve
!Store & !Credits with a Variety of Items Available
Live !Radio Stations and No Ad Spam
New Maps added regularly!

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