Map: surf_hotwheels
Number of Players with Completed Runs: 167
Map Tier: Tier 2
Player Map Times (hours:minutes:seconds)
Jake From StateFarm 00:56.660200
moon it 00:57.304699
RoboBitch 00:57.644500
Sayt McSpots 00:58.265599
cwyn 00:59.578099
es hora de coom 01:00.316400
7rd 01:00.410200
Montu 01:01.160200
aboriginee 01:02.062500
RAz Fyrestone 01:05.929699
Flat Tire 01:07.863299
Fr0sTzz 01:07.992199
mystery_y 01:08.777299
Gordi Boi 01:08.953100
tittler- 01:12.175799
Kawaii Fried Chicken 01:14.168000
novo 2 pink punch 01:16.054699
tertian 01:16.664100
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Boleing 01:17.097700
Sir Boolin 01:17.789100
Tomatrix 01:19.863299
p 01:19.968800
Jeep Truck 01:20.683599
weggert 01:21.081999
armani 01:21.902299
Mahrkle 01:22.710899
Yung Gravy 01:23.437500
Chesapeake 01:25.113299
Catfish BTW 01:25.581999
The Zuccc 01:28.640600
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