Number of completed runs: 73

Map tier:

All Recorded Map Times (Best to Worst)

Player name Best time
just moon it 00:22.734400
Trevor179 00:23.027300
Flux ๑ﭥ 00:23.050799
euphoria 00:23.085899
Lucksman 00:23.156199
Kotrem 00:23.296900
Rapid 00:23.367200
james 00:23.449200
Stonescribe 00:23.589800
Basset 00:23.625000
Spirit 00:23.636700
kryptiQ 00:23.730499
Pooship 00:23.777300
Neko#ΦωΦ 00:24.082000
Denn ๑ﭥ 00:24.105499
RoboBitch 00:24.164100
CrazyCritic 00:24.187500
Jett 00:24.445299
Billy Goat 00:24.457000
Black Power...Ranger 00:24.621099
Gold 00:24.714800
Sayt McSpots ♥ 00:24.843800
Bluu 00:24.878900
JeezCS 00:24.960899
EmJov 00:25.101600
RedCool 00:25.136700
Doctor Lyfe 00:25.160199
✪ Argent 00:25.160199
Flack 00:25.171900
interr^t 00:25.207000
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