Number of completed runs: 63

Map tier: 1

All Recorded Map Times (Best to Worst)

Player name Best time
Gash3d 00:37.312500
topC 00:37.523400
pine 00:37.863300
mom please i need pepto bismol 00:39.222700
Rapid 00:39.480499
CrazyCritic 00:40.019500
Bluづ 00:41.402299
Sayt McSpots <3 00:41.976599
Fakie 00:42.339799
Gold 00:42.878900
Billy Goat 00:43.382800
Maniac ♡ 00:44.285200
Blank 00:44.636699
Cotey (Live!) 00:45.468800
Zenzys 愛 00:46.886699
Kramalow 00:47.812500
bwaldo♡ 00:47.847700
anniegoespew 00:48.550800
Furriel Pepe 00:49.453099
ThiefExe 00:49.558599
Bot Sidd 00:51.304699
tiM^5 00:51.386699
Worst M Car 00:51.433599
NiggaDickEnergy 00:51.539099
montu 00:51.984400
montu9703 00:52.160200
digdigdigdigdig ツ 00:52.324199
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