Number of completed runs: 1217

Map tier: 1

All Recorded Map Times (Best to Worst)

Player name Best time
buttercreeper995 00:26.882799
Ctrl 00:26.894500
HotSh0t 00:26.906199
Zenzys 00:26.929700
.exe 00:26.929700
left shark 00:27.011700
a nigga name Harold 00:27.023399
PumaBauws 00:27.035199
Heimburger 00:27.046900
Hulk 00:27.058599
I <3 to get squished 00:27.105499
Koma 00:27.105499
Jøe 00:27.117200
The Paranoia 00:27.117200
✪ POTATO the LP 00:27.117200
Squeaz 00:27.257799
Kinmal 00:27.257799
dm 00:27.281199
мя.ημβ 00:27.316400
claire 00:27.316400
Billy 00:27.363299
Buddha 00:27.386700
$crimFagG 00:27.410199
Majikk 00:27.480499
NTMRE 00:27.562500
spookster 00:27.574200
Kronos 00:27.574200
Tulachi 00:27.585899
BirbMan 00:27.585899
Juga 00:27.644500
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