Number of completed runs: 45

Map tier: 1

All Recorded Map Times (Best to Worst)

Player name Best time
Waterslidesurfer4000009 00:18.351600
Sayt 00:20.531199
Kai 00:21.902300
earth_ 00:21.984400
Apzllo 00:22.335899
Rem 00:23.636700
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Boleing 00:23.976600
Awpmid 00:24.726600
Taking virgin swat team 00:24.878900
Squirrel 00:26.449200
tertiannote77 00:26.707000
The Zuccc 00:27.621099
Zari 00:28.300799
Kotton 00:28.757799
Hubert 00:28.828099
✪ Pupper 00:29.308599
Druke. 00:29.789100
Kirby Khristos 00:31.558599
Get Yoinked 00:32.296900
FxckFloppy 00:33.398400
Boogerson 00:33.761699
AndyKaii 00:34.113300
______________simon 00:38.226599
luver 00:38.789099
Bobby Shmurda 00:39.539099
Nozzy 00:41.835900
.Peter the beter 00:43.558599
Jessica 00:43.722700
HuRRt 00:44.074199
SlumpSnorlax 00:44.425800
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