Map: surf_deathstar
Number of Players with Completed Runs: 848
Map Tier: Tier 1
Player Map Times (hours:minutes:seconds)
Zokkai 00:37.218800
own 00:37.242199
exgin 00:37.277299
duck 00:37.359400
Reign 00:37.417999
Zari 00:37.488300
corrupt 00:37.500000
Bluma 00:37.769500
mystery_y 00:37.816400
RAz Fyrestone 00:37.898400
NoahPoah 00:38.003900
A Flock of Bricks 00:38.050800
^4Fish 00:38.238300
killer 00:38.250000
trzzy 00:38.296900
LANdon 00:38.449199
Lotus 00:38.484400
Mahrkle 00:38.496099
Zeyxal 00:38.648400
Koala Jesus 00:38.765599
benzy is cool communist 00:38.800800
CÅD 00:38.882800
Benzo 00:38.906199
Lukrious 00:39.035200
German Shepherd 00:39.046900
sync 00:39.046900
nutella 00:39.082000
Thebe 00:39.093800
J3FF 00:39.164099
Kotton 00:39.210900
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No griefing, racism, or hate speech
No advertising other servers/services/etc.

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Tier 1 & 2 Maps | Perfect for Beginners
85 Tick Servers - 150 Air Acceleration
Dynamic Ranking System - 30+ Rank Levels to achieve
!Store & !Credits with a Variety of Items Available
Live !Radio Stations and No Ad Spam
New Maps added regularly!

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