Map: surf_deathstar
Number of Players with Completed Runs: 842
Map Tier: Tier 1
Player Map Times (hours:minutes:seconds)
Swat Hero 04:05.776999
Fox 04:07.371000
oasis 04:08.401999
"e tag" Grassy 04:09.258000
Aurah 04:10.944999
Fliper_22 04:11.812000
alpha 04:12.901999
LungBubbles 04:14.602000
Bowl o` Creams 04:16.593999
gatio 04:19.077999
G0D:VOA 04:20.226999
Bacca 04:21.843999
redzhgaming 04:22.206999
The Guys 04:24.199000
eigau 04:25.254000
fuckit 04:26.401999
Cookie_Homie 04:27.598000
roach 04:37.300999
Jett 04:37.887000
hendershot10 04:38.918000
Graydog38 04:41.964999
Smokin quack 04:43.512000
Rellow 04:50.531000
MattL 04:51.233999
Chowdah 04:53.766000
Jesh 04:58.172000
Code_Z 04:58.535000
Surf Server Rules and Guidelines

No Cheating, Scripting, or automated assistance of any kind
No Mic, Chat, or any other kind of spamming
No griefing, racism, or hate speech
No advertising other servers/services/etc.

Surf Server Features

!WS, !KNIFE, !GLOVES - Use your Favorite Skins for FREE!
Tier 1 & 2 Maps | Perfect for Beginners
85 Tick Servers - 150 Air Acceleration
Dynamic Ranking System - 30+ Rank Levels to achieve
!Store & !Credits with a Variety of Items Available
Live !Radio Stations and No Ad Spam
New Maps added regularly!

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