Map: surf_deathstar
Number of Players with Completed Runs: 842
Map Tier: Tier 1
Player Map Times (hours:minutes:seconds)
Spenny 02:35.191000
Somehobo420 02:36.479999
Bobby Wasabi 02:37.055000
Tanguini 02:37.125000
Senor Spook 02:37.453000
cen0 02:37.875000
doody head 02:39.000000
No 02:41.496000
Mellow_Mike 02:41.555000
Blake 02:42.762000
Yung Schnitzel 02:45.000000
Sleighdow 02:45.727000
Aldacrán 02:45.750000
丂爪乇ㄥㄥㄚ 02:46.159999
euph 02:47.659999
F E R I D U N 02:47.895000
Lizard Wizard 02:49.512000
killua 02:53.378999
Ravage306 02:53.625000
Alinity`s cat 02:54.223000
2Woozyy | TTV 02:54.574000
yeezus 02:54.913999
Shredded Rice 02:56.859000
windmill 02:57.352000
mlgkrustykrab 02:57.925999
S3ntry 02:57.973000
kyren 03:00.633000
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No griefing, racism, or hate speech
No advertising other servers/services/etc.

Surf Server Features

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Tier 1 & 2 Maps | Perfect for Beginners
85 Tick Servers - 150 Air Acceleration
Dynamic Ranking System - 30+ Rank Levels to achieve
!Store & !Credits with a Variety of Items Available
Live !Radio Stations and No Ad Spam
New Maps added regularly!

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