Map: surf_deathstar
Number of Players with Completed Runs: 842
Map Tier: Tier 1
Player Map Times (hours:minutes:seconds) 00:27.386700
Biclops 00:27.433599
Gibby Gibson 00:28.558599
Wild 00:28.605499
ttv/Benowy 00:28.757799
aboriginee 00:29.179700
Dinky 00:29.296900
Sayt McSpots 00:29.636700
ttv/Benowy 00:29.660199
ChickN 00:29.835899
sprinklz 00:30.632799
Rockii 00:30.878900
duckdoi 00:31.007799
Tentics 00:31.957000
Pooship 00:32.437500
Basset 00:32.460900
Asynthetic 00:33.011699
Just10 00:33.175800
cwyn 00:33.187500
CaptainNoodlz27 00:33.433599
Dyst 00:33.503900
Fr0sTzz 00:33.832000
Phlem 00:33.914099
armani 00:34.054699
Funny Yellow Dog 00:34.054699
tertian 00:34.089799
аутизм Наггетсы 00:34.125000
mp9 enthusiast 00:34.230499
FONK 00:34.277299
Novatron 00:34.593800
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No griefing, racism, or hate speech
No advertising other servers/services/etc.

Surf Server Features

!WS, !KNIFE, !GLOVES - Use your Favorite Skins for FREE!
Tier 1 & 2 Maps | Perfect for Beginners
85 Tick Servers - 150 Air Acceleration
Dynamic Ranking System - 30+ Rank Levels to achieve
!Store & !Credits with a Variety of Items Available
Live !Radio Stations and No Ad Spam
New Maps added regularly!

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