Number of completed runs: 26

Map tier: 2

All Recorded Map Times (Best to Worst)

Player name Best time
itscain 00:26.953099
dubski slayer 00:27.703099
wendi 00:30.152300
just moon it 00:30.175799
kryptiQ 00:30.902300
snowy♡ 00:32.707000
euphoria 00:33.304699
Kotrem 00:33.621099
Chicho 00:33.796900
Roboto ツ 00:34.007800
Pooship 00:35.191400
Basset 00:36.785200
CrazyCritic 00:36.855499
Sayt McSpots ♥ 00:37.453099
Gold 00:37.699199
scept0r 00:37.839799
Zenzys 00:38.578099
ThiefExE 00:45.199199
Doctor Lyfe 00:45.726599
hueie 00:49.019500
potato ♤ 00:54.445300
ogtheallfather 00:54.750000
potato ♤ 01:10.007800
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