Map: surf_colum_again
Number of Players with Completed Runs: 164
Map Tier: Tier 1
Player Map Times (hours:minutes:seconds)
Jake From StateFarm 00:41.906199
Bootleg Rascal 00:41.988300
HarryKocks 00:42.257800
TFN 00:42.457000
Nano 00:42.492199
Trimex 00:42.503900
dougplayscs 00:42.972700
I Eat Crayons 00:42.984400
bandit 00:43.183599
Blastedfoot86 00:43.558599
Guttennacht 00:43.687500
rtz 00:43.898400
2Woozyy | TTV 00:44.378900
Knowing 00:44.425800
Touro Reprodutor Thiago Antonio 00:44.742199
b00 00:45.210900
Kotton 00:45.257800
egindy 00:45.410200
Bred 00:45.480499
Kaveri 00:46.160200
Janice Griffith 00:46.699199
bahs 00:46.945300
sunnyd ☼ 00:47.332000
funny china man 00:47.531199
Catfish BTW 00:48.410200
eazyE** 00:48.703099
Splacc 00:48.867199
Gangsta Shrek 00:48.949199
Huf 00:48.984400
chromaticlown 00:49.687500
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