Number of completed runs: 36

Map tier: 2

All Recorded Map Times (Best to Worst)

Player name Best time
shiro 07:29.824000
Spirit 08:19.769999
kæy♡ 08:21.550999
Basset 08:37.734000
Roboto ツ 09:03.363000
Trevor179 09:45.386999
Kotrem 09:52.663999
Pooship ツ 10:34.558999
meowut 13:24.198999
yeenis 13:51.047000
Bluu 16:01.570000
potato 16:27.750000
Sharpoo 16:36.844000
Supercareful 16:49.110000
just moon it 16:54.759999
Dick Juul Pod 16:56.139999
CrazyCritic 16:59.399999
Chicho 17:03.139999
Doctor Lyfe 17:43.829999
Stonescribe 18:17.849999
Zenzys 愛 18:26.180000
H.K. Phooey 19:42.960000
Lxrd Profit 19:46.569999
Carl Wheezer 20:01.410000
gamer 20:27.730000
ThiefExe 21:12.259999
KrypticGG 21:35.309999
✪ Argent 23:29.470000
ogtheallfather 24:15.049999
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