Number of completed runs: 476

Map tier: 1

All Recorded Map Times (Best to Worst)

Player name Best time
Moonrock9 01:12.293000
Hamstercam 01:12.363299
Humara 01:12.480500
pyks 01:12.949200
ᴡʜᴏᴍsᴛ 01:13.031199
AutoMatic.uCs 01:13.218800
Fallout 01:13.511700
Patrick Graham 01:13.816400
Moshe 01:14.378900
Dewbie 01:14.566400
Modglin21 01:14.753900
Sniff Booftycrop 01:14.976600
Omicron Prime 01:15.456999
Squidix 01:15.668000
Savino 01:15.679699
Um Keith? 01:15.714799
Nef 01:16.453100
Shameload 01:16.464799
isaacbradshaw 01:16.640600
Prata Noob csgoempire.com 01:16.687500
timmytoes 01:17.355500
Arctic Sea Panda 01:17.753900
bryant 01:18.785200
ZZonniZZ 01:18.984399
ekz 01:19.441400
TinyTerror 01:19.535200
.exe 01:19.535200
Sco0pLo0ps 01:19.757800
_t1mur0rl0v 01:19.839799
deathbubba 01:20.308599
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