Server/Player Rules

Note - Keep in mind we are not the police. Certain language can be tolerated as long as players are not being personally attacked.

  1. Always do the objectives of the game mode
  2. No Anti-Competitive Behavior (Deagle/Scout Only, not playing with/working with teammates, etc..)
  3. No Cheating, Scripting, or abusing glitches
  4. No Abusive Voice/Text Chat or Spamming
  5. No Griefing - [ more details on the right side of this page ]
  6. No Impersonating an Admin or VIP
  7. No Advertising other websites, steam groups, servers, services, etc..
  8. Smurf Accounts are subject to further rules* - [ more details on the right side of this page ]

Admin Rules

Admins are expected to follow these rules at ALL TIMES, no exceptions.

    All admins are expected to act and present themselves in a manner that is respectable. Keep a public Steam Profile, a consistent in-game name, be open and inviting to people, treat people with respect and decency. These are to say the least. You should never talk down to people or mistreat people because you are an admin. Our #1 job is to retain as many players as possible.
    If you have a problem with another admin, handle it in private OFF OF THE SERVER.
    This includes but IS NOT LIMITED TO: admin all chat (for non-admin purposes), burn, slap, drug, timebomb, freeze, beacon, or any other non-administrative commands
    You should never be changing maps or rules to suit yourself. There are voting systems in place on all servers for map changes. This section also includes NOT using your 5v5 admin privileges to make enemy callouts FOR ANY REASON. There are other things that will fall into this category. Simply, do not use your admin tools for any reason other than specific administration of our rules.

On-Going Admin Requirements

Further admin requirements include:

  • Must be active in Discord for group communication, public interaction, etc.
  • Must be noticably active in helping with support requests [bans on record, claiming calls in discord, etc..]
  • 10 Hours of server activity per month [unless you let us know about possible upcoming inactivity]
  • Keep your Steam Profile PUBLIC [not friends only, public]
  • Keep a consistent player name when on our servers [no admining under a different name]

Rule Details, Guidelines, and Tutorials

[Click Each Topic to Expand it]

  • Cheating Bans will require a demo [ 400+ CS:GO Hours OR 8+ Hours on our servers ]
  • Accounts under 400 CSGO hours and low hours on our servers do not require a demo
  • Griefing Bans always require a reason
  • There should be NO Comm related bans (voice or chat)
  • [Cheating] - 1 year ban (never less)
  • [Griefing - 1st & 2nd Offense] - Warning to Please Stop
  • [Griefing - 3rd Offense] - 1 Hour Ban (with reason)
  • [Griefing - 4th Offense] - 1 Day Ban (with reason)
  • [Griefing - 5th+ Offense] - Up to 1 Week Ban (with reason)
  • [Voice/Chat - 1st & 2nd Offense] - Warning to Please Stop
  • [Voice/Chat - 3rd Offense] - 5 Minute !silence (with reason)
  • [Voice/Chat - 4th+ Offense] - 30+ Minute !silence (with reason)
  • [Smurf Accounts - Accounts Newer than 60 Days Old] - Up to 30 Day ban

Note to Admins - You are responsible for following these guidelines. Bans issued outside of these guidelines that are not corrected within a reasonable time frame will be automatically removed without notice.
The Private Profile & Smurf Account Rules are not to be imposed on everyone by default. They should only be enforced on players who are displaying exceptionally sketchy behavior (potential cheaters, etc).
  • [Smurf Accounts] - We reserve the right to remove ACCOUNTS 60 DAYS OLD OR NEWER, OR, ACCOUNTS UNDER 200 CS:GO HOURS if we suspect you might be cheating.

Includes but IS NOT LIMITED TO:
  • Purposely throwing bomb in unretrievable places
  • Purposely blocking teammates or shooting to distract them
  • Purposely not participating in map objectives
  • Purposely not buying proper guns or dropping weapons
  • Ghosting/Calling out teammate positions to enemy
  • Impersonating an Admin or VIP
  • Constantly abusing /calladmin or reporting systems
  • Type !vote or /vote or !voteban in chat to bring up menu
  • This is absolutely not to be abused, misused, or joked around with
  • You must first have tried to contact an Admin (unless spinbot)
  • You need to give an admin reasonable time to respond before calling vote (2-3 mins)
  • ANY time a Vote passes, you must let an admin know in Discord
Access admin menu in game:
  • /admin [via chat]
  • sm_admin [via console, keybind]

Example uses (typed in chat):
  • Command Structure - /command [name/steamID] [time in minutes] [reason]
  • Ban a cheater - /ban kotton 0 aimbot
  • Ban a griefer - /ban kotton 30 "not doing map objectives"
  • Silence (text+chat) a spammer - /silence kotton 30 "mic spamming"
  • Kick a Player - /kick kotton griefing [!kick does not have a time]

Time in Minutes (examples):
  • 30 Minutes = 30
  • 1 Hour = 60
  • 12 Hours = 720
  • 1 Day = 1440
  • 1 Year = 525600
  2. Copy/Paste their Profile link to get SteamID [example:]
  3. Copy their "SteamID" [example: STEAM_0:0:52956828]
  4. Go to and login via Steam (top right)
  5. Click 'Bans' link on black nav bar [ Example Image ]
  6. Fill in the following information: Name, SteamID, Ban Reason, & Ban Length (no IP address needed)
  7. Click "Add Ban" button
  1. Go to and login via Steam (top right)
  2. In the top right, "Search bans..." using the banned player's name or SteamID
  3. Results pop up. Click on the banned player's name and it should expand with more options
  4. On the right, click "Edit Details" or "Unban". Whichever is necessary.
  1. Open up console ( Default Key: ` )
  2. Type 'record playerName' (so that you can easily find it later)
  3. Type 'status' in console (this will print all the Steam IDs of all players at the beginning of your demo)
  4. Tape is rolling. When you're done, type 'stop' in console.

  5. IMPORTANT: If a match has ended and the map has not switched, type stop immediately before the server changes the map. If you do not, your demo file WILL CORRUPT, and it will be all gone.
  6. The demo is saved in the following path:
  7. Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\playerName.dem
  8. Compress it using WinRAR or whatever program you'd like (optional)
  9. Upload it to MediaFire, Google Drive, Dropbox, whatever you want.
  10. Note: Replay the demo by opening up console and typing 'playDemo playerName'

Demos are auto-uploaded to our website within 2 minutes of each map completion.
What you will need:

  • Server # and (rough) Timestamp of the demo you want
  • a .zip File Extractor [ 7zip , WinRAR , etc.. ]
  • a functioning brain
  1. Go to our Demo Downloads page -
  2. Demos are broken down by Server, select which Server you want a demo from
  3. Click the Demo, it will download through your browser (typically to - "c:/users/YOURACCOUNT/downloads"
  4. Open the Demo in your zip file tool and EXTRACT the .dem file inside of it to your CS:GO install folder

    CS:GO Folder is typically - "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo"

  5. Open your CS:GO Client, Open your Console, type "playdemo nameOfDemo", and press Enter!
  • Hosting Priority goes to the Highest Ranking Admin* in the Queue
  • The only admin running game commands should be the Host**
  • In the event there are 2 or more admins of equal ranks that could be host, Hosting Priority goes to whoever was in the Queue first

* Hosting Priority 'Order of Roles' are:

  1. The Iron Throne
  2. Hand of the King
  3. Night Kings
  4. The Small Counsel
  5. 10 Man Counsel [non-Admin members]

** Team Captains are allowed to run the .pause command