raidboss_logo Requirments for Private KZ Server Use

Minimum of 20 hours total played on any RaidBoss KZ server.
Alternatively, a KZ admin or other person who is already whitelisted can vouch for the applicant in the #support channel on the RaidBoss discord when applying.
A vouch will reduce the minimum required hours to 10, but does not guarantee admittance to the server.

Applicant must have no current bans on RaidBoss servers.
Applicant must not be globally banned.
All applications will be reviewed by KZ Admins (@kzcounsel in Discord).
You are expected to keep a consistent, never changing name in Discord and In-Game.


• Important Note - You will be given 1 Warning for each Rule Violation, then action will be taken.

Do not RTV unless all players in the server have consented.

  • If a player in the server does not respond at all AND is in a run, this does not count as consent and RTV should not commence.
  • If a player in the server does not respond and IS NOT in a run, this counts as consent and RTV can commence.
  • Starting an RTV vote without consent from every player in the server will result in a ban.


1. Read ALL of the Rules below (no excuses)
2. Join our Discord -
3. Go to our #support text channel:

  • Make sure your Steam Profile & CS:GO hours are Publicly Visible
  • Paste your Steam Profile Link in #support
  • Request access to use Private KZ Server - @kzcounsel