Looking to join a great new community?

Raidboss might be for you! Owned and operated by the team that brought you 30+ servers, a 5500+ member community, and over $2500 in event prizes with Insatiable Gaming, we currently have over a dozen public servers as well as private servers available for our members. Our members have full access to our Teamspeak channel including access to their own private channels. We will be hosting monthly events on our public servers!

Admin Membership Requirements

1. A good amount of time played on any of our Pub Servers
2. No Negative chat logs from our servers
3. You want to be part of a growing community
4. Be a member of our community Steam Group
5. Have a positive attitude!

Further Areas of Contribution

Beyond the admin requirements above, we want our members to feel like they can contribute and grow within the community, if that's what you want. We want you to take ownership of your community. While nothing more than the items listed above are required of members, we want to support your individual growth. Beyond playing the games and administrating servers, we have opportunities for members to learn, grow, and gain exposure in the following areas:

* Graphic Design: Logos, Banners, Avatars, Web Related Content
* Web Design: PHP, Javascript [Stats Integration, PHP Querying]
* Plugin Development: Coding in Sourcepawn
* Video Content: YouTube Content, Twitch Streaming
* Competitive Gaming: We will work to support your pro dreams!

Ready to Join?

If you feel like our community is a good match for you, please fill out the short membership application below. Your application will be responded to within a couple of days. In the meantime, feel free to add any or all of our members and get to know us!

Membership Application
Community Steam Group
Member Listing

Member Services

As an admin/member of Raidboss, you will have access to the following services:

* Admin on all of our servers *
* Teamspeak Admin (w/ Private Channel if desired) *
* Our Private Practice Server (Fully Developed) *
* Private 10 man matches w/ Stats (128 Tick Servers) *
* Custom Trails and Tags for our Surf Servers *
* 5,000 Credits towards our Surf Item Store *