5v5 LADDER - JUNE 2019 - TOP 100
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raidboss_logo 5v5 Server Rules and Guidelines

Players are expected to play Competitively at all times
No Cheating, Scripting, or automated assistance of any kind
No Mic, Chat, or any other kind of spamming
No Griefing, Racism, or other hateful speech
No advertising other servers/services/etc.
No Smurf Accounts [No Low Hour/New accounts]

View our Rules Page for complete details:

* There are no excuses for not knowing and following the rules *

5v5 Comp Server Features

!WS, !KNIFE, !GLOVES - Use your Favorite Skins for FREE!
Official Rules & Active Duty Map Pool
128 Tick Servers - Full Player Stats and Monthly Ladders
Halftime, End Game, and Overtime Shit Talk
!Store & !Credits system across all of our servers
!CallAdmin system for live reporting cheaters
Over 50 Active Admins to help keep out rebel scum

raidboss.org/rules5v5 Comp Player Stats
raidboss.org/donateDonate to our community servers
raidboss.org/membershipApply for Admin on our Servers
raidboss.org/discordJoin our Discord Channel
!lvlMonthly Ladder Stats
/rankDisplay your all-time stats
/top20View our Top 20 All-time Players
!wsWeapon Skins Menu
!knifeKnife Selection Menu
!glovesGloves Selection Menu
!store / !shopStore/Shop Menu
!creditsDisplay Your Credits
!calladminReport Server Related Issues
!serversOur Server Lineup
de_mirage - Nades Video on YouTube

de_cache - Nades/Strategy Tutorial on YouTube

de_train - Nades/Strategy Tutorial on YouTube

de_cobble - Nades/Strategy Tutorial on YouTube

de_overpass - Nades/Strategy Tutorial on YouTube