How Idle Servers Work

  1. You connect to the server
  2. Our Idle Manager plugin places you on a team after 20 seconds
  3. You sit idle. The drop PROCESS happens at the end of each "match"
  4. The match restarts. You are always kept in the game and eligible for drops.

When To Use Idle Servers

The main purpose of Idle servers is to help maximize your weekly Weapon Case Drops. You should use them when you are planning to be away from your computer or when you are not gaming, so that you can potentially earn more drops during times you're not available to actually "play".

You should not join Idle Servers if you plan to sit there and wait for drops each map, that's not how the drop system works. However, on our Idle/Achievement servers, you can earn a variety of CS:GO Steam Game Achievements while being on a short round time/fast drop process server.

Free Drops in CS:GO

Drops in CS:GO consist of weapon skins and weapon cases. These are FREE and MARKETABLE. All players are eligible for up to 4 drops per week. The purchase of the current 'Operation' makes you eligible for more drops per week including the exclusive weapon case for that 'Operation'.

Who Gets Drops and When?

Drops are given to random players at the end of each match on VAC secured servers. Valve controls the drops system ENTIRELY. No server operators have control over who gets drops and when. Server operators, such as us, can only create optimal conditions to get drops quickly (5 minute maps, auto team join functions, etc..)

You do not need to be present at your computer to receive/accept drops. Weekly drops quotas are reset Wednesday nights around 7pm.

How do I get Free Drops?

You earn your drops over the course of a week based on the amount of time you spend on VAC secured servers. The easiest way to ensure you max out your drops each week is to Idle on our servers. We run the shortest allowed match time so our clients can get the most out of their time. Our Idle servers initiate the drop process every 5 minutes so you can maximize your chances of Valve dropping you items.