Surf Server Rules

* No Cheating, Scripting, or Abusing Glitches*
* No Griefing, Racism, or Abusive Voice/Text Chat *
* No Mic, Chat, or Vote Spamming *
* No Impersonating an Admin or VIP *
* No Advertising other Services/etc... *
* Respect Admins Decisions *

Server Features

* Tier 1 & 2 Maps *
* Replay Bots for Every Completed Map/Bonus *
* 85 Tick Servers - 1000 Air Accelerate*
* Dynamic Ranking System - 30+ Rank Levels *
* !WS, !KNIFE, !GLOVES - Use all the latest Valve skins for FREE! *
* !Store & !Credits system with a Variety of Available Items! *
* Live !Radio stations, No Ad Spam *

Tier 1 | 4 Stages

Still in it's beta stage, surf_southpark is a visually pleasing surf map with smooth ramps, fluid surfing, and beautiful custom textures from South Park.

Creator: Crooked K3ANO
Steam Workshop: surf_southpark_01

Tier One Maps

surf_aircontrol_ksfDownload Map
surf_beginnerDownload Map
surf_calycate_ksfDownload Map
surf_calycate2Download Map
surf_colum_upDownload Map
surf_colum_againDownload Map
surf_cornerDownload Map
surf_derpis_ksfDownload Map
surf_eclipseDownload Map
surf_forbidden_ways_ksfDownload Map
surf_galactic_ztsDownload Map
surf_gloom_njvDownload Map
surf_how2surfDownload Map
surf_kitsuneDownload Map
surf_luxDownload Map
surf_meDownload Map
surf_mesaDownload Map
surf_mesa_revo_goDownload Map
surf_newb_hazard_r1Download Map
surf_ninja_go_b5Download Map
surf_pox Download Map
surf_prelude_ksfDownload Map
surf_prime_time_r3vampDownload Map
surf_rainbow_adventureDownload Map
surf_rebel_resistance_njvDownload Map
surf_rebel_scaz_njvDownload Map
surf_rookieDownload Map
surf_rookie2Download Map
surf_roomservice_2Download Map
surf_simpsons_go_rc2Download Map
surf_spacejamDownload Map
surf_trance_ksfDownload Map
surf_tui_1Download Map
surf_utopia_njvDownload Map

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