If you enjoy the services we provide our gaming community and would like to give back in some way, we have a few different ways that you can donate to & support our community. All donations go directly towards the cost of servers as well as community prizes. We greatly appreciate anything you would like to give.

Using our Idle Servers is the easiest way for you to give back. Just connect to our servers when you plan to go AFK, ensure your MOTD is enabled (cl_disablehtmlmotd 0), and go about your day. Our servers are very lightweight and our custom Player Manager ensures you are kept in the game, helping us as well as being eligible for regular CS:GO drops.

Learn More about Idling

Paypal donations go directly into our server coffer at NFOservers. This is the preferred method of donating as it goes directly towards the cost of our servers, all of which are hosted through Nuclear Fallout. Paypal is the most secure method of donating.

Donate via Paypal

Steam donations are an alternative method of donating to our community. You are welcome to donate ANY marketable CS:GO items, no matter how much or little value they have. We also accept Steam Games. All items will go towards GSLT costs and/or Server costs. Click the Steam logo above or the link below to send a trade offer!

Send Trade Offer on Steam