Current State of CS:GO Idling (Now applies to TF2 as well)

Beginning on the evening of January 10th, 2017, there has been an outstanding issue with running multiple instances of CS:GO in Sandboxie on VAC secured servers. I would like to start by clarifying that THIS IS NOT A VAC BAN NOR IS IT VAC BANNABLE. Users who try to connect multiple accounts to community servers or matchmaking are kicked and issued the following warning within 20-30 minutes of connecting:

I, and many other users, have brought this issue up to the Sandboxie developers on their forum. I have an active thread there still being contributed to by users as of 1/31/2017:

The following things have been tried across multiple operating systems and DO NOT fix the error:

– Verifying Integrity of Game Cache
– Reinstalling CS:GO
– Reinstalling PC Operating System
– Enabling/Disabling DEP
– Using a VPN
– Running Steam Repair
– Using both Steam Main Client and Steam Beta Client
– Using different network cards
– Launching each CS:GO with assigned clientports
– Resetting PC boot options
– Repairing PC system files

Currently, this issue is affecting CS:GO and TF2. It now appears to be a permanent issue as Valve has listed Sandboxie as non-compatible with VAC. There are currently a couple methods that suffice as workarounds. In an effort to keep them working for as long as possible, I’m not going to make a public post about it. Feel free to reach out to me on Steam though.

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