Raidboss is an International Gaming Community. Our primary lineup of servers and content are for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which has over 10 million unique players monthly. We have more than a dozen publicly accessible servers open 24 hours a day. Raidboss was founded in 2015. We now feature a variety of servers for CS:GO and Insurgency, as well as a wide variety of media and development opportunities for players. Our servers are currently tracking over 250,000 unique players from over 75 countries. We serve thousands of players daily. Raidboss Gaming's community consists of a private members group and a public members group. Our private members group consists of our server admins. We are always seeking new members and people who want to be part of an actively growing community. There may be opportunities for you in the following areas, if you wish to be more than just a playing member: web design, visual media, Sourcemod plugin development, event coordinating, and more. Please visit our membership page if you wish to join either our private or public members group. Being a regular, active player on our public servers will increase your chances of being accepted into our private members group. GLHF!

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