5v5 Server Rules

  1. Always do the objectives of the game mode
  2. No Cheating, Scripting, or Abusing Glitches
  3. No Griefing, Racism, Abusive Voice/Text Chat, or Mic Spamming
  4. No Impersonating an Admin or VIP
  5. No Advertising other websites, steam groups, servers, services, etc..
  6. No Private/Friends Only Steam Accounts [to ensure account is not new]
  7. No Smurf Accounts [No Low Hour/New accounts with few/no games]

5v5 Server Features:

  • !WS, !KNIFE, !GLOVES, !MM, !COIN - Use your Favorite Skins for FREE!
  • 5v5 Competitive Rules - Official Active Duty Map Pool + Custom Maps
  • 128 Tick Servers - Full Player Stats, Leaderboards, and Ladders
  • Halftime, End Game, and Overtime Shit Talk
  • !Store & !Credits system with multiple uses across all of our servers
  • !CallAdmin system for live reporting cheaters, griefers, and server issues

5v5 Server Chat Commands:

  • /rank - Display your individual player stats
  • /top10 - View our Top 10 Competitive players
  • /top20 - View our Top 20 Competitive players
  • /hlx - HLStatsX Menu for Customization
  • !ws - Weapon Skins Menu
  • !knife - Knife Selection Menu
  • !gloves - Gloves Selection Menu
  • !skins - Player Model Selection Menu
  • !calladmin - Report Server Related Issues
  • !servers - Our Server Lineup
  • !ad - Donate to us by watching a quick ad
  • !admins - Listing of all Admins/Mods
  • !donate - Donate to our community servers
  • !forums - Steam forums for Discussion and Reports
  • !idle - Information about Idling and Drops
  • !insurgency - Information about our Insurgency servers
  • !join - Join our Steam Group or apply for admin
  • !membership - Apply for Admin on our Servers
  • !killmotd - Kill the MOTD if an ad is playing
  • !poweridle - Learn how to idle multiple accounts for drops
  • !pubstats - 5v5 Comp Player Stats
  • !rules - 5v5 Comp Player Stats
  • !surf - Info on our Surf Servers
de_dust2 - Nades Video on YouTube

de_mirage - Nades Video on YouTube

de_cache - Nades/Strategy Tutorial on YouTube

de_train - Nades/Strategy Tutorial on YouTube

de_cobble - Nades/Strategy Tutorial on YouTube

de_overpass - Nades/Strategy Tutorial on YouTube